Effect vs. Affect Definition with Sentences with Example

In English vocabulary, we find out many words which seem to be similar as there is very less difference between the words and pronounced also similar. This is the reason we get confused while opting the right word in the sentences and we interpret the sentences in a wrong way. The meaning of every similar word is different and can change the sense of whole sentence. So, one should be aware of the word he/she is choosing. There are many words in English which we think have no difference like: Effect / Affect, exist / exit, adapt/adopt, accept / except, advice / advise, Race/ Raise, Course/ Coarse, Price / Prize etc. lots of words which creates confusion in our minds.

Today, in this article I am going to discuss Affect vs. Effect. Most of the people get puzzled while there comes the conflicts between Affect and Effect. Both the words sound to have the same meaning but it is not, both the words have their individual meaning and you can’t choose one over other.

Effect vs. Affect

Both the words affect and effect varies on the basis of parts of speech. One word is used as NOUN and other word is used as VERB. Now, the basis difference between noun and verb is cleared to all of us. But if not, then I would like to state that Effect is noun that is used when some action id done or result of that action is effect and Affect is used as a verb that when some action is going to perform. As both the words deals with the term action so this is the reason we get confused over the meaning of both. But there is difference between when some action is happening and results of that action. So, when you are going to discuss action use Affect and when you are going to talk about result or conclusion use the word Effect.

Define Effect vs. Affect

It is very necessary to have a clear definition of the word in your mind so that when you are going to use the word; there will be no conflicts in your mind. As definition is used to clarify the concepts in an easy manner and we become able to choose right word. Well, the word Affect defines impact on something and Effect is defined as the result of that affect. See, both the words are interrelated to each other but have diversity in terms of definition and meaning.

Effect vs. Affect definition

I hope the definition I have mentioned above is clear to you as we can find out both the words are related to the term action but one word affect is dealing with the occurrence of action and second word effect is elaborating the concept of result of that action. I know only the definition will not be enough to get the whole idea of effect and affect so, in this section I will provide you the examples and tricks as well so that you did not get confused over both the words at any phrase or sentence.

Effect vs. Affect Meaning

As both the words sounds similar they get variance on the basis of definition and meaning. Both the words contradict on the basis of meaning. So, if one has clear concepts of word’s meaning and definition it becomes very much easy to use the right word in right phase. The affect word is used in the situations like overwhelm, sadden, disturb, upset, distress, etc. for all these terms are used as a, “affect” of the situation. And in case of effect as I stated above it means outcome, conclusion, result, force, implementation, or execution. So, on the basis of different situations the meaning of affect and effect varies in this specified range. And off course on the basis f noun and verb the meaning changes for both the words. You can have the clear understanding of both the words with the help of examples. As examples help us to have more clarity of doubts and provide an understanding of words in sentences.

Effect vs. Affect Rule

In the vocabulary every word has its own meaning and to implement that word you need to b aware about the rule for using that particular word. No doubt that above-written definition and meanings has provided you with some help regarding the words. But you need to be aware of rules of both the words if you are going to implement that word. The first and basic rule of affect and effect is noun and verb. In parts of speech, we have affect as action and its result or outcome is represented as effect. But in some cases contradictory situation happens that is effect is used as verb and affect is termed as the noun. Well, this occurs when affect is used for facial expressions and effect as action is providing the definition of result of some action’s cause. There are some words in the English grammar which are used with effect and affect can’t be used with these words and these words are any, on, into, or and an. So, while writing or speaking any sentences keep in mind not to use affect with any of these words.

Effect vs. Affect Simple Rule

For the clarity of both the words you need to be aware about the simple rule of the effect vs. affect. And the basic or dimple rule of effect and affect is noun and verb which I have stated above as well. In most of the sentences or normal cases this basic rule is implemented and the other rule when both the words meaning is swapped or switched has happened in special cases. So, you just need to keep in mind the basic rule for the words affect and effect is this: Effect is used as NOUN and Affect is used as VERB.

Affect vs. Effect Examples

Examples are very important if you want to grasp or proper understanding of the word. Examples are helpful us to use the right word in the sentences and clarify the situation and implementation of the word in that particular situation. So, here, let’s begin with some examples which will provide you more understanding regarding words effect and affect:


  • Your poor grammar will affect your creditability.
  • I hope this post will have good effect on your grammar.
  • Weather has affected our vacations
  • Reading has positive effect on us
  • The arrow affected mice.
  • The effect of arrow was eye-popping
  • Your ability to communicate will clearly affect your income
  • The snow affected the traffic
  • The effect of traffic was awful

These are few examples which can help you in understanding and usage of right word in the sentences.

Effect vs. Affect sentences

Although we have to use these words in the sentences not only words are used. Hope, you get the proper meaning and usage of the words affect and effect. But you should also need to be aware about where and how to use these words I the sentences also. Here, I’m providing you some sentences which can help you in the correct usage of affect and effect and you will not get conflicts in the implementation of these words.

  • Too many grammar mistakes will affect your grammar.
  • Including citations can have a positive effect on our authority.
  • Alcohol affects brain and heart
  • Lethal effects of drugs.
  • The rain was affecting his new hair-style.
  • James felt the effects of last night party, he was suffering from head ache and tired.
  • Her affect was extraordinarily joyful.
  • The child was affected by his parents.
  • The effect of bad weather is seen in many cities.
  • The speaker wanted to effect the change in the system.
  • Did the speaker’s idea affect your position?

Hope these sentences has clarified some conflicts you are suffering from the usage of affect and effect in the sentences and you will be able to use right word and explain correct meaning in the sentence.

Effect vs. Affect change

As I listed above in the rules of effect vs. effect that is in some special cases the affect is used as noun and effect is used as verb. So, these two words swap their identity as verb and noun. That case of facial expression and effect can be used as action in definition of result of some cause of action.

  • The company will effect a change in employees’ behaviors by implementing a new attendance policy. ( Effect word is used as transitive verb)
  • The students wanted to effect change on campus ( here, effect is used as a verb not noun)
  • Sejal affect was extraordinarily joyful. ( Affect as noun)

These are some examples in which you can’t use affect as verb and effect as noun. Both the words change their identity as in case of part of speech. So, you need to go through proper understanding of the words and situations as well to choose right word in the sentence.

Effect vs. Affect Worksheet

Once you get clarity of these words then you need to do practice so that you can have clear understanding of these words. Practice is very important only listing and reading the concepts in enough to keep things in mind. You only understand the things properly when you implement them by yourself. So, you need to practice worksheet on these words. You do not need to purchase these worksheets from market, these worksheet are easily available online. You can choose any worksheet regularly and can practice on that sheet to make better understanding of words effect and affect.

Effect vs. Affect test

You get the idea of effect and affect. Now, you have clarity of meaning and definition of effect and affect and examples have cleared the concept of usage as well. But to get proper grasp on these words you need to perform practice of these words usage regularly and when you are able to use right words then try to solve some test series on these words. There are many online tests option available and are also available in the form of PDF, or doc file also. You can download this test series and try to solve them. All these test series comes with solution or answers. So, you can cross check your answers as well after completion of the test. Tests help us to find out our rank of understanding and will us motivation to improve us more and to do better than last time.

Effect vs. Affect Quiz

Quiz is best option to check our level of understanding in the proper field. So, you can take this option to check that you have grasped the words’ meaning correctly or not. There are tremendous online quiz occurs regularly you can participate in them and can know you’re your rank in usage of these words. When you participate in quiz contests you can explore more and get to know about new sentences, situations which will sharpen your skills more as compare to before. If you did not practice in any way then your understanding for these words will be limited and you will not be able to grow and implement right words confidently in the sentences.

Effect vs. Affect trick

If there is confusion n the usage of word effect and affect then here is the simple trick you can use to remember the words. Most of the times we get confused that which word is used as action and result of the action. And we implement wrong word in the sentences. So, you did not get confused in the meaning of these words there is simple word you need to remember that is “RAVEN”. RAVEN is an abbreviation which means Remember Affect as a Verb and Effect as a Noun. This is the simple trick which you can use to remember effect and affect in a right way. So, whenever you get confused in these words you can use the RAVEN trick to get rid of the conflict and use affect as action and effect as noun. J

In the end again I would like to state that you need to do practice and participate in tests and quiz to gain ample in these words. Only practice can help you strengthen your qualities only reading the concepts in not enough. So, after getting clarity of both the meanings from this section kindly practice hard so that you can rank yourself on the basis of understanding and use the tricks concepts and ideas I have listed in this article.


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