Travel Made Easy: Boarding Facilities for Your Pet

Are you preparing for a family vacation? Do you have an important business trip coming up? Are you going on a camping trip? Whatever the reason, preparing for a trip can be stressful determining what to pack, where to stay, and the itinerary.

What happens if you have a dog? Who is going to watch your furry friend? What if you do not have a neighbour or friend who can take on a pet? There are many kennels and boarding facilities for your pet.

Boarding Your Pet Is Knowing Your Pet

Boarding a pet means that your pet is going to be around other pets. Is your dog friendly? Does your dog get along with other dogs and people? What happens when your dog is anxious? These are all questions to consider before boarding your furry friend. If your pet is people-friendly but does not get along with other pets, call your local boarding facility to see if this is a suitable environment. Do they have the option of a private stay?

What if your pet loves being socialised and has a ton of energy? Boarding facilities and kennels often offer a variety of services. They ensure that your furry friend has outside time and socialisation. Qualified attendants work with your pet to comfort them and get adequate playtime.

Pet Boarding Requirements

Licenced and insured boarding facilities require your pet to have all of its vaccinations to ensure the health and safety of all pets at the facility. If the facility does not require a vaccination certification, it should be a red flag. If they do not protect the health of the pets, what is the chance that they maintain a hygienic living space? Slim to none.

The Benefits of Boarding

Dog boarding offers a luxury vacation for your dog while you enjoy your holiday. Dog boarding facilities offer a range of services including:

  • Grooming
  • Outside play
  • Swimming
  • Massage therapy
  • Outside play

Your furry friend needs grooming just like you. When your pet is at a licenced facility, they will keep your pet feeling and looking great! Does your dog have a lot of energy and love the water? You will be comforted knowing that your dog will have the time of its life swimming with others while you are traveling with family. Luxury boarding facilities only provide the best for your furry friend.

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