The Best Industrial Floor Cleaners

Are you making a decision on warehouse flooring options for your commercial space? There are many factors to consider when you are making this tough decision. Which contractor will you use? What type of flooring will be best for your heavy machinery and slip-resistant for your employees? What are the code requirements? When you are making these decisions you should also consider the easiest flooring to clean. In such a large industrial space, you will want to minimise the time it takes for employees to clean. The best warehouse floor cleaners are only the best when they are used on the right type of flooring.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is one of the most popular warehouse floors because it is absorbent and durable. It is also an affordable flooring option and resistant to hard impact. You mustn’t cut corners when you are purchasing a warehouse floor cleaner. If you use a cheaper floor cleaner that is not designed for the flooring material, it can cause the floor to degrade. You will also not get the quality cleanliness you desire. On concrete flooring, you will want to use a pH-neutral cleaner. Concrete is porous. It will quickly absorb spills which can lead to staining. It is very important to quickly clean up spills. Like all floors, it is always best to dust, vacuum, or sweep the floor to remove any debris or dirt before using a cleaning solution.

Hard Floor Cleaners

Other than the material, you must consider if the commercial flooring is hard or soft. Soft flooring pertains to carpeting, laminate, and other materials with elasticity. Hard floors include wood, concrete, wood, cork, and rubber. Hard warehouse floor cleaners will act to clean and degrease the surface. You will want to search for a fast-acting formula to reduce the time it takes for employees and labourers to remove stains, grease, and oils. Water-based heavy-duty floor cleaners are very popular because they are non-flammable. Concentrated formulas are cost-efficient. You can dilute them with water as needed.


The best commercial hard floor cleaners are versatile. You can use them as an industrial floor degreaser or on roofs, equipment, plant machinery, signs, and skylights. Does grease cling to the restaurant’s walls? Do you own a mechanic shop? Degreaser hard floor cleaners can be used on a multitude of surfaces to cut down on the costs of buying separate cleaners. You can use the industrial heavy-duty floor cleaner on concrete, wood, or in your industrial freezer. You must follow directions carefully. Some heavy-duty floor cleaners must be diluted before use while others are pre-diluted.


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