How to Survive a Flat Tire in Five Steps

It does not matter whether you are a newbie or an expert driver. There is a big chance that you will experience a flat tire which will cause you an inconvenience. That is why you need to know how to react to such situations by staying calm throughout the situation. Here are some tips to help you out.

  1. Set the vehicle aside

If you encountered a flat tire while driving in the middle of the road, it is essential to keep calm. Immediately find a safe spot to park your vehicle. It would be best to choose a less crowded place to avoid causing inconvenience to other drivers.

If you happen to be driving on an expressway, lower your speed and take the nearest exit. You can also park your car in a gasoline station where your vehicle will be safe.

  1. Practice safety measures

Once you have pulled over, make sure that the car is fully stopped by pulling the parking brake upwards. Choose a flat surface as your parking spot to prevent the vehicle from rolling backward, which could cause an additional accident. Make sure to turn the hazard lights on before getting out of the car.

  1. Assess the damage

It is essential to take a good look at the tire and assess the extent of the damage. Can it be repaired for the meantime using a tire plug, or is it better to replace the entire tire for safety purposes?

Plugging the tire is only considered as a quick fix. You can drive but watch your speed. If the tire damage is bigger than one-fourth of an inch, plugging is no longer recommended; you should replace the tire completely.

  1. Prepare your equipment

As a driver, you need to have a toolbox that contains a wrench, jack, and other tools. Once all of the equipment is ready, it is time for you to change the flat tire. If it is your first time changing a tire, it is best to refer to the owner’s manual for precise instructions.

  1. Call someone who can help you

If you tried your best to repair the damaged tire or replace it with your spare and nothing happened. It is time to seek help from people who can help you fix the flat tire as soon as possible. You can call your immediate family and friends to help get you out. If there are establishments around the area, you could ask the people around if they could recommend a professional car mechanic that works nearby. In most cases, it is best to let the professionals handle flat tires, to ensure your safety on the road.

Lastly, if you have tried your best to repair or change your flat tire but still the problem remains unresolved, it is best to call one of the towing services in the area, to help bring your vehicle to the nearest auto mechanic shop.


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