Health – How Can You Tell That Which You Mean?

Are you currently Healthy – or simply not Sick? If this describes an insignificant question, then but how can you answer it? is not it interesting that you can and particularly discuss our Ill-health in more detail, but we can not discuss Health in a manner that evokes unambiguous understanding of what’s meant? Will it even matter if there’s a meaning of the rather amorphous term? Well we wouldn’t dare to visit a health care provider in lack of a “symptom” – the best of the “normal” look or feeling? Absolutely not, health-care systems don’t worry about Health, they are concerned concerning the mending manifest diversions in the “Normal” condition. Quite simply, health-care ought to be more aptly known as “sick-care”, since the system doesn’t have solutions for that Healthy. Consequently, the phrase “sick” is quite apparent, it’s the visible or experienced decrease in normal physical or mental condition or function. There are various methods for expression, however the essence is positively exactly the same.

Now attempt to define “Health” and “being healthy” with a term that evokes a globally equivalent understanding. Clearly challenging, most dictionaries confine the word as something similar to “the lack of disease”. But is not there a lot more to Health than the lack of an identifiable condition? Aside from apparent Health, how about more hidden Mental Health, Emotional Health, Spiritual Health, Social Health, Intellectual Health – is not everything necessary to a condition of wellness? But does which means that “Health” is the lack of all (perceived) problems and concerns – would then “Health” be symbolic of Happiness? Even reduced to Health there’s a large spectrum of ambiguity, if you think tired or fatigued – are you currently sick or are you currently healthy? Is putting on weight an illness or simply an indication of hedonism? Are you currently ill since you need studying glasses? How about wrinkles and sagging skin – is aging an illness? This thought open a Pandora’s box: what’s the normal rate of getting older – where’s – and who’s the authority for setting the benchmark for “normal”?

Are you currently absolutely or relatively Healthy?

Researchers at Grain College have attempted to define the parameters for calculating Health. They conclude that Health is measured when it comes to

l) lack of physical discomfort, physical disability, or a disorder that will probably cause dying

2) emotional well-being, and

3) acceptable social functioning.

However they admit that there’s not one standard of measurement of health status of people or Groups, which can be assessed by an observer. The result is that “Health” assessed in this manner is relative and subjective, while what we should actually want to know is:

Shall We Be Held absolutely Healthy – fairly measured, not subjectively assumed by relative comparison with other people. We do not compare our discomfort or problem using the neighbors joint disease or cancer. Just the opposite: we visualize and make an effort to look as youthful and slim because the person around the cover of the magazine. Such natural cravings would be the very first step toward an ever increasing Beauty and Anti-Aging industry, even just in lack of objective standards.

That is the point: when we can’t define Health only Ill-health – we’ll never seem like that Idol regardless of what! If we measure our overall health by its weaning, we’ll wait to do something until we are able to define the signs and symptoms, therefore depriving ourselves from gaining and sustaining utmost Vitality and stunning Appearance.

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