5 Great Reasons To Head Out On A Fishing Charter Tour From Merimbula, NSW

Australia is blessed with having so many different wonderful places to visit, with many being near the coast. While many visitors down under, and indeed native Aussies are attracted by the big cities or the beaches offered by the Gold Coast or the Great Barrier Reef, there is a great place that is often overlooked.

The beauty of visiting the southern part of NSW is that you can be at one with nature and enjoy the stunning surrounding while testing skills against the inhabitants of the ocean by booking a place on one of the Merimbula fishing charter tours, which is a fantastic experience for 5 great reasons.

  1. The tours are perfect for the experienced angler or an absolute beginner who wonders what the attraction is all about but is eager to find out. The charters take 12 people out to sea from the marina which means there is plenty of space to enjoy the expedition without getting in the way of each other.
  2. Being in the hands of experts is always a comforting feeling. The deckhands are experienced and along with the captain will show those who require it the best way to try and land a catch. Easy to understand advice will soon have even the inexperienced getting the hang of angling.
  3. There is no need to take any equipment as its all provided for the anglers, with the voyage being around 3 hours, long enough to have the opportunity to catch some fish, but not too long so frustration might kick in.
  4. The captain of the vessel is highly experienced with a knowledge of the local waters, so they know exactly where to head according to the tide and weather conditions with species such as nannygai, snapper, gummy shark, and gropers frequenting the waters. Those who manage to catch any will have them cleaned and bagged and ready to take home to eat.
  5. Merimbula is an attractive resort with 5 beaches which is well worth a visit on its own. It’s a popular destination for snorkelers and surfers and has plenty of eating and drinking establishments where tales of the day’s activities are regaled.

Going on a fishing charter out of Merimbula is a fantastic way to enjoy sea angling, which caters for anglers of all experience on a fully equipped boat with a crew on hand to ensure that it is a memorable trip.

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